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In the lodges private reserve and adjacent conservation concession we have registered a list of 157 bird species of which 8 are endemic to Peru. This figure can increase considerably if we include the nearby protected areas of Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park and Shollet municipal forest.
The local but highly diverse avifauna can be easily observed through the low-impact trails that glide birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts through the forest and in the surroundings of the lodge.

Trails have been designed for birdwatching and observing the natural flora and diverse ecosystems that surround the lodge.

The endemic bird species include yellow-scarfed tanager, green and white hummingbird, Peruvian wren, chestnut antpitta,           and inka flycatcher.

Among the most conspicuous birds we find a range of mountain tangaras such as the silver-backed tanager, the flame-faced tanager, the saffron-crowned tanager, the yellow-throated tanager, the fawn-breasted tanager, the blue-capped tanager among others.

Other species of birds that characterize Andean cloud forests are also common in the lodge and in the near-by protected areas such as the Gray-breasted Mountain toucan, the chestnut crested cotinga (the bird that adorns our logo), quetzal, white-eared solitaire, among others.