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Oxapampa, Peru
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Ulcumano Ecolodge (English Version)

The lodge located in the Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha Biosphere Reserva,  lies concealed between the mist and the dense green cover of the Andean cloud forests, surrounded by impressive views, water streams and heavenly skies that only mountain ecosystems can offer. It’s inhabited by a remarkable biodiversity of flora and fauna (our bird species list reaches 157 species), among them several endemic ones to Peru (8). Its name comes from a native tree species, now almost completed gone due to its precious wood used extensively to build the houses in the city of Oxapampa. Our land and conservation concession still holds several individuals of Ulcumanu which we are helping to conserve and reforest.

The lodge is only 10.5 km from the town of Oxapampa, in the locality of La Suiza, Chontabamba district, Oxapampa province, Pasco region. The region is known for its unique and diverse natural and cultural landscape, crafted first by ancient Yanesha indigenous people, later in the 19th century by German and Austrian immigrants, and more recently by Andean immigrants.

Since its construction, the ecolodge is oriented to a sustainable approach to tourism and to the use of the landscape and its natural resources. The infrastructure is completely made from wood that comes from forest plantations in order to prevent the harvesting of primary forest. A water treatment plant filters the water the lodge uses before discharging it to the river again. The energy is 90% clean for the time being, using candles in the cottages

and propane gas and fossil fuels only by 10% for 4 hours per day in order to diminish the carbon emissions. 
The small scale of the lodge (a total of 6 cabins and 8 rooms) with an overall capacity of 18 people ensures tranquility and privacy during your stay.
The guests and staff are reminded to use water responsibly.
All cleaning products such as soaps and detergents as well as shampoo and soaps for guests are biodegradable. They recycle and run a compost of all organic waste. The lodge does not use any kind of pesticides, herbicides and dangerous chemicals.